Artisans & Vendors

At kaarigur, we seek to establish long-term buying relationships mainly with women enterprises and low-income artisans in places where skilled artisans are under- or unemployed, providing them with opportunities for generating sustainable income. Here are some of our champions, who have joined the movement.

Together, we are creating ethical fashion.



KADO is an indigenous initiative aimed to improve the socio-economic conditions of the local communities with a special focus on women, disabled people and other marginalized segments of the society.

The history of KADO begins in 1996 from Hunza Valley with a handicraft project to help disadvantaged people and in a short span of time it expanded in scope, scale, impact and programmatic dimensions in the whole province of Gilgit-Baltistan.

KADO is dedicated to promote entrepreneurship, economic growth and value added products in order to reduce poverty and marginality of women, special people and other disadvantaged segments of the society.


Pomegranate Linen grew from the desire to create products that bring beauty and serenity to one’s home. We wanted to create watercolor paintings that would leave their mark in its spaces, and transform them and parts of our routine. Pomegranate Linen creates home linens that enrich simple experiences: enjoying a cup of tea, sharing a meal, or ending your day, all while enveloped by a watercolor painting.
Zairah Maher Agha holds a degree in Fine Arts BA (Hons) from the City and Guilds of London Art School, working across the disciplines of Painting and Sculpture. Her body of work spilled from the canvas and took over whole spaces to transform them.   


Forgotten Crafts tells a tale of craftsmanship and skills that have stayed with humans since the beginning of time. In rural areas, craftsmen and artisans are still using traditional techniques and making a living from building things from their own two hands. 

We bring these handcrafted pieces to you and each piece has its own story. Our products range from unique killims rugs, handwoven carpets to intricately hand craved wood and weaved baskets. 


Coiled by ZUdesigns is a socially conscious brand by two brilliant girls; their design textile jewellery pieces are produced by the female artisans of Pakistan.

Since it’s textile jewellery, mostly the material used is threads, cloth and leather and everything is coiled and stitched together. We also use semiprecious stones and in some cases metal as an accent to our jewellery pieces.

The women artisans are especially trained as to how to make these earrings, hence not only are they taught a skill, it empowers these women and provides financial stability to the most marginalized women in the society.


The Crafts Company is creative, original, attentive to the environment and dedicated to sharing skills and expertise to better the community and grow as a company. It was created by Muna Siddiqui as a platform to showcase the versatile design and unique skill and craftsmanship nurtured and envisioned by her.

Muna’s designs use basic skills of hand cut mosaic, sculpted decoupage and hand embroideries all lovingly set and presented in functional items by the most skilled carpenters, tailors, polishers and craftsmen.

The Craft Company is not only a creative entity but a compassionate entity that wants to be of service to the community by providing jobs to the unskilled and uneducated by training schemes, by providing a healthy working environment, providing meals, good work hours and respect and self-reliance in an impoverished country.


AlRakham, a brand which takes its inspiration from our good ol' Cheese! Yes, Cheese! The love for food and our special obsession with cheese led us to introduce a classic range of marble platters and trays, creating a niche of luxurious marble products. AlRakham provides you a perfect serve-ware as cheese platters which add all the oomph to your dinner parties and gathering. 

All our products are made from the finest marble and by seasoned artisans who have been ruling this marble industry for decades. We take pride in our local artisans and their passion to create a masterpiece every single time!